During the Imagine Sefton 2030 consultation process which was led by Sefton Council, residents shared with us the pride and love they have for their coastline. Along with other positive feedback we received, this has helped us to shape our vision for the future. We are very proud of our coast and would love you to join us in celebrating this wonderful asset during 2017 and beyond.

Sefton's coast has so much to offer residents and visitors. Miles of beaches and sand dunes to explore, woodland and estuary which play host to an amazing amount of wildlife and some of the most rare plants and animals in the country, all promise an almost infinite universe of discovery! Delve further in to the shipwrecks and prehistoric footprints which lay trapped for thousands of years in sediment beds and Antony Gormley’s “Another Place” installation on Crosby beach which offers the biggest open air art gallery in the country.

The astonishing maritime history of Liverpool Bay means that Sefton overlooks some of the greatest trade routes in the world, which continue to bring new ideas, business and diversity to our doorstep just as they have for hundreds of years. 

The coastline is a key element in the character of Sefton – exciting and dynamic, always changing as the winds and tides constantly influence the shape of the coast. It appeals to visitors young and old, amateur or professional, whether they be daytrippers, anglers, naturalists, kiters, cyclists, dog owners, horseriders, walkers, artists, archaeologists or historians.

Our coastline really is a source of inspiration for an active, inquiring and fun-loving population and we hope you enjoy discovering and exploring it as much as we do. 

Taken with permission from “Sandscape – the Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Sefton Coast” by John Dempsey (Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership, 2016)

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FormbyTideTimes High Tides: 11:01 (8.42m), 23:23 (8.42m). Low Tides: 05:14 (1.69m), 17:33 (1.37m). https://t.co/PF7KJooZWB
LiverpoolTide High Tides: 11:10 (8.75m), 23:32 (8.75m). Low Tides: 05:39 (1.86m), 17:58 (1.51m). https://t.co/DJnpC4xhya